Sales Consulting with Magnify

We are the business development manager you wish you had

You’re the owner of a small to medium business.

You’re probably doing all the sales.

You might be doing a great job, you might need some help.

In any case, you’re too stretched from doing all this to really focus on your strategy, and on the great skills that lead you to go into business in the first place.

It’s frustrating to realise that you could be missing opportunities because you’re simply too busy to pursue them.

You probably think that the only option is to hire a sales rep, or a business development manager, or a full-time marketer.

Actually, there’s another option.


Our Specialties

We’re here to fill the gaps in your sales processes that business as usual’ prevents you from doing yourself.

Whether you need new clients, to win back previous clients, assistance with tenders and proposals or a salesperson to represent you at meetings – we help our clients to grow their sales.

Sales Consulting Services

What We Can Do For You

Strategy and tools

We help you do sales

Sales delivery

We do sales so that you don’t have to

Sales Success

We take you on an epic journey to your sales success

Delivering sales opportunities

Do what you do best for your business, while we focus on growing your sales

You need to grow sales
 – we break the ice for your new business opportunities

You don’t like new business development
 – we love to deliver opportunities with your ideal target clients

You see brick walls
 – we see new client opportunities

You’re nervous about sales
 – we’re excited to help your business begin positive and profitable client relationships

You don’t have enough resource for a full-time person
– use our flexible sales services

You’re not sure if you need someone full-time, or even permanently
 – our services help you make informed decisions about your sales resources while you establish and grow your sales function

Mary and her team at Magnify have been working with us on business development and outbound calling for 18 months, engaging people across a range of public and private organisations to set up and arrange meetings for our internal sales team to attend. The results have been fantastic, and Mary has a real enthusiasm for this work, and the results show it. 

Finding and engaging with decision makers can often be a tricky process, but we’ve got weekly meetings booked in our calendars, regular reports summarising activity levels and a great, collaborative relationship that is setting our business up for success. Highly recommend Magnify if you are looking for some sales and business development help from a team who strive for great results.

James Nicolle

Business Development Manager, Boost

Growing sales could be easier than you think

24b Moorefield Road
Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

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