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Hello – I’m Mary and ​I just love sales.  For a long time, I didn’t value this skill.  Because it was just talking and listening – and everyone can do that, right?

Then I started to realise that I saw new client opportunities where others saw brick walls. At the same time I realised that a lot of really gifted business owners and leaders actually don’t like sales.

Matching my skills and experience with a definite market need, Magnify Consulting evolved and produced some very happy customers all round.

I particularly love a new business development challenge – using proactive sales skills to begin positive and profitable client relationships.

​This is what Magnify brings to our clients – Sales Expertise with Flexible Terms.

​Feel free to get in touch anytime, I would love to talk with you.

Magnify Consulting
Magnify Sales Consulting

‘I love to get business owners excited about sales and what can be achieved with the resources they have.​ I particularly love solutions where a small change brings in a whole lot of extra revenue’ 

Mary Crampton

Director and founder

Taking care of you

Reach your sales goals with Magnify

Our primary goal is to help all our clients to achieve their Sales Goals, supporting them to achieve their wider business goals without the sales side giving them any stress.

The ultimate for us is our clients breathing a sigh of relief, knowing they can focus on their special skills and passion – which lead them to go into business in the first place – because their sales are taken care of.

Working with you

All businesses need great sales to grow, it’s as simple as that.

Magnify would love to be part of your sales story

outsourced sales

Many businesses struggle with sales

Some struggle to gain new clients, others struggle to hang on to existing clients.  Many more struggle because they have no-one in a specific ‘sales’ role.  Add in the challenges of finding that perfect salesperson to communicate technical or scientific information, or industry jargon.  Sales just seems like a whole lot of hard work for many businesses.

Hiring a salesperson can be expensive.  Once you employ someone, it can be very tough to make changes if things don’t work out.  How do you know when you’re ready to make that leap and hire a full-time person?  What if you’re not happy with them?  Could you sustain their salary in the natural peaks and troughs that your market faces?

Outsourcing all or part of your sales process, using our flexible terms and sales expertise, helps you to maintain your sales functions while you make decisions about your sales resources.

‘Mary worked as a senior member of my Sales Team when I was a Regional Manager at Allied Pickfords. Mary was by far our top sales performer both in terms of attitude and results in the Wellington team. Our region received many awards from our company and Mary also took home many sales achievement awards while employed by Allied Pickfords. Her positive and enthusiastic approach to business ensures that people simply want to do business with Mary. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary for her character, ethics and business results.’ – David Bell – Chief Operating Officer – ECL Group

Growing sales could be easier than you think

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