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Sales Strategy – Pricing Strategy – 7 ways that raising your price grows your sales

How did you go with your pricing test from our last Magnify blog – Pricing Strategy – 10 ways to tell if your price is too cheap?  Did you check through your quotes from last quarter, checking how many you've won?  Was your price too high, too cheap, or just right? In...

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Sales Strategy – Sales Processes – 9 Key Questions to help with Optimising Your Sales Processes

Are you happy with your sales?  More importantly - are you as happy as you could be?  If you want to find out how happy you could be with your sales, you need to identify what’s missing. Before you can take the necessary steps to optimise your sales processes so that...

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Sales Strategy – Sales Processes – Optimising your Sales Processes to Grow Sales

Optimising your sales processes means doing the right thing at the right time, in the most efficient way, to create sales processes that help your customer on their purchasing journey and ultimately help grow your sales. Your perfect sales process for each step of...

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Sales Strategy – Growing Sales with Conferences and Events – Capturing every drop of value

Does your business attend Conferences and Events?  How do you capture every drop of value from attending conferences and events, so that you grow your sales and your business?  Even if you are happy with the results so far, are you getting the maximum ROI from your...

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Sales Strategy – Sales Pipeline – Analyse your sales data to identify any revenue leaks

Do you know how much sales and marketing is really costing your business?  More importantly – how are your sales measuring up?  Even if you’re happy with your sales – are you as happy as you could be? This week's Magnify blog explores some of the data analysis that...

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Sales Strategy – Sales Pipeline – How your CRM system delivers customer data insights

Did you check your sales pipeline after our blog last week?  Do you have a sales pipeline to check?  Whether or not you’ve got a structure in place to attract, qualify, nurture and convert leads into customers – you will still have something incredible that can give...

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Sales Strategy – Sales Pipeline – Are you one click away from oblivion?

‘How’s business?  How are your sales?’ – these are two questions give a quick pulse on your sales health.  The bigger question really is ‘How’s your sales pipeline?’ First though – what exactly is a sales pipeline?  In your business, your sales pipeline is essentially...

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Sales Tactics – Business Development against the odds – 10 vital items for your Market Intelligence Strategy

Anyone who hires a new business development manager is serious about sales results.  No company hires a sales professional just to tick boxes or fill desk space.  You don’t need another friend around the water-cooler (although it’s always good if you like the folks...

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