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Sales Processes that Help you Get Paid

Getting paid.  If you're in business, this is definitely something you think about.  Yet no-one really talks about it.  Good sales processes will help you to get paid, without detracting from your client relationships.  There's no need to be desperate like Jerry...

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Who won that new customer sale?

Mary from Magnify shares - This is the third blog in our Magnify series following the recent Wellington ‘Kiwi Landing Pad’ Sales and Marketing Jam, thanks to organisation by John Holt and Sian Simpson. Today’s blog is inspired by Tanya Neary,...

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Ten Tips to Grow Sales in 2018

Happy New Year!  Are you ready to grow sales and grow your business in 2018?  Check these ten tips to get started: Review last year  That’s right – 2018 is here, 2017 is now last year!  How did your sales grow in 2017?  Hopefully you saw an upward growth trajectory! ...

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me - twelve proposals winning, eleven reports convincing, ten reps a-selling, ​nine products launching, eight sales a-closing, ​seven phones a-ringing, six leads a-growing, five new clients, four press...

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Writing perfect email subject headlines

Are you committed to breaking through with your sales and marketing material? I'm sure that's a 'Yes'!  Do you take the time to brainstorm perfect headlines that will appeal to your ideal customers?  It’s amazing how many business owners have never even considered the...

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A Business Lesson from the Supermoon

The Supermoon rises over Auckland's north shore.  Photo/Michael Craig. Last night's Supermoon was breathtakingly beautiful.  The writer Anton Chekhov is reported to have said  - "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass".  There is...

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What to Expect when you’re in Sales

We are all in sales.  Whether we truly get the best from sales depends on how much we embrace this truth. So – what should you expect when you’re in sales? Expect to be strategic Your customers can research their needs any time of the day or night, thanks to the...

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Too Scared to Sell?

Many business owners admit to fearing sales.  The thought of selling their goods and services is enough to make them break into a cold sweat. If you’re scared of sales, pause for a moment and think about what a sale is.  At its core, a sale is an agreement between two...

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Growing sales could be easier than you think

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