Flexible Sales Expertise

Why Magnify?

it still works

People buy from people

Sometimes we’ve forgotten the power of personal contact.  Listening to clients, making time for them, providing solutions to their problems – these things never go out of fashion.  Yes – that’s right! People buy from people.  We love how that still works!

Flexible sales expertise

We help you do sales

Flexible sales expertise when you need it

Do what you would rather be doing – we do sales so that you don’t have to
As your ROI and sales grow, scale your sales at your pace – we take you on an epic journey to your sales success

Here’s what this means for you:

  • Launch new products and services without your competition knowing
  • De-risk your sales recruitment
  • Evaluate your need for sales resources while still maintaining your sales function
  • On-target sales expertise when you’re not yet ready to hire full-time
  • Follow up with prospects and answer business development questions – while you get on with your core business
  • Consistent follow-up with your prospects even though you don’t have time to do it yourself
  • Do what you do best for your business, while we focus on Growing your Sales
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Sales expertise at your fingertips and on your side
  • Keep your overheads low and work within your budget levels
  • Full visibility and access to your own client data

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