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Developing leads with an SDR

It can often take at least five touchpoints to bring a lead right through to the point where they are ready to buy.

The internet has increased your customers’ awareness of the options available to them, lengthening sales cycles across many industries.  This statistic can become at least 10 touchpoints or more, depending on the complexity of your offering, your position in the market, buying cycles etc.

Yes – we pick up the phone.   Yet it’s much more than just a phonecall, and way beyond telemarketing. With our sales expertise, it’s really telephone-based account management.   Done professionally, in a targeted way that’s tailored to your sales campaign and in line with your sales objectives.

Our superior telephone conversation skills will differentiate you from others who may be too hesitant to pick up the phone and actually talk to clients.

Never miss a follow-up again!  Your outsourced Sales Development Rep will deliver your client meeting opportunities on a platter – ready to talk about buying from you.  You’ll also gain a whole lot of market intel to prepare you for the meetings.

To ensure a seamless transition into your new client relationship and pick up on what your prospective client is not saying, we can accompany you to meetings and de-brief with you afterwards.

Growing sales is easier than you think

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